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Portland, Oregon, is a dream-town for adventure lovers. We’re especially fond of its modern Western vibes, the lush, green landscapes, and of course, its easy access to both the mountains and the ocean. Check out this post for some tips on Portland day trips and weekend getaways. 


From the limestone crags and caves of the hill-country to the desert mountain winds of West Texas, the Lone Star State will surprise you with its ecological diversity and accessible adventuring - not to mention the breakfast tacos! Starting from a backyard in Austin, TX, here are a few recommendations for local and statewide adventuring.


Sometimes all the wonders of the world are in your own backyard. Charlottesville local Christin Healy recently traded in her passport for her car keys and hiking poles to explore the beauty in her hometown. Christin details the best spots for paddling sessions, pre and post work sunrises and sunsets, and weekend rendezvous to the Blue Ridge Mountains. 

Central Oregon

Oregon is filled with mountains, waterfalls, thousands of trails, rivers, vast deserts, meadows, thick forests and valleys. The state's diversity makes it easy to change up your activity and explore new places. If you find your way in or around Central Oregon, in any season, these highlights won’t let you down.


Welcome to Seattle where the winter bring shorter days full of rain and snow, but when the sun shines, perfection follows. Photographer Greg Balkin shares the places where he and his friends have the best conversations, the wildest laughs and memories, dream bigger than ever, and play like kids again. 

Salt Lake City

From storm skiing laps of deep powder in the resort, to snowkiting in an open field at the top of a mountain, to ski touring in the desert, Brooke Froelich explores the best outdoor playgrounds in and around Salt Lake City. "It is amazing what you can do with a tank of gas in Utah." 

Jersey Shore

The Jersey Shore has a reputation. Snooki, Casinos, and Springsteen come to mind. But if you ask a local surfer or fisher, she’ll shrug off those stereotypes and tell you that the best parts of the shore are wild. Grab your roo and join National Geographic contributor Claire Fieseler on this Everyday Adventure.


The stylish outpost of Nashville is one of our favorite southern stomping grounds.  For this month’s Weekender post, we sat down with Jason Thienel, owner of local adventure hub Cumberland Transit, for his ideas on getting outside this fall in Nashville and beyond.