A Father's Resilient Love

With Father's Day quickly approaching (t-minus 12 days!), we hope you take time to think about the people who have been in your life, the way they have shaped you and the adventures that brought you together. In anticipation of Father's Day, Kammok team member Travis Perkins reflects on one of his important places with his father, and the incredibly moving truths of resilient love. 

Pacific North Wonderland

We asked MOBsters Ben Matthews and Joe Haeberle, professional photographers and adventurers, to tell us about some of their favorite adventures while spending time in the Pacific Northwonderland - they took an epic road trip and filled us in on their favorite PNW spots below!

David and David

Good things come in pairs... like two Austin creatives David Heisler and David Wells. These friends, who we affectionately call D&D, recently snagged some Kammok gear for their adventures in the Wild West. Inspired by their craft and teamwork at DD Media Collective, we asked them to come hang with us. 

Celebrating #AdventureMoms

This week we are celebrating the moms and families around the world who dare to dream greatly for their children and the children in their extended communities. Motherhood is a grand adventure - check out these six #adventuremoms that inspire us!

Texas Adventure Tour Throwback

Last October, we team up with our friends at Oru Kayak for a week-long road-trip around the Lone Star State. We piled our favorite gear and beer in a Texas-sized truck and hit the open road. Cheers to community hangs and Texas breweries that inspire spring adventures!


Portland, Oregon, is a dream-town for adventure lovers. We’re especially fond of its modern Western vibes, the lush, green landscapes, and of course, its easy access to both the mountains and the ocean. Check out this post for some tips on Portland day trips and weekend getaways. 

Alex Woodard

Alex Woodard, nationally-acclaimed singer-songwriter, creatively shares story through books and music. We sat down with Alex recently to learn about his most recent book / album project, equine therapy, and the adventure of the unknown. 

5 Great East Texas Bike Trails

Learn about the best bike trails in East Texas. Often overlooked, East Texas' outstanding biodiversity is spread between public and private holdings, drawing birders, herpetologists, and hikers alike... not to mention those who love to move by bike. 

The Perfect Campfire Ribeye

For all of its butchering needs, Denver locals turns to Kate Kavanaugh, owner of one of our favorite spots in the Colorado capitol, Western Daughters Butcher Shoppe. Kate shares her secrets to cooking the perfect supper and breakfast out on the trail. 

10 Best Books for the Trail

At Kammok, there’s not much we love more than kicking back in the great outdoors with a book that challenges the mind and inspires the heart. After much debate, our team dog-eared these ten titles as our very favorite books for the trail.

The Art of Giving Adventure

How do you convince someone perfectly sane (including yourself) that it’s enjoyable to carry a 35+ pound backpack until your legs feel like they’re exploding? There is an art to giving adventure and opening yourself and others to new possibilities. Reese Sun, a Kammok Intern, shares how to embark on adventures with first-time backpackers. 


From the limestone crags and caves of the hill-country to the desert mountain winds of West Texas, the Lone Star State will surprise you with its ecological diversity and accessible adventuring - not to mention the breakfast tacos! Starting from a backyard in Austin, TX, here are a few recommendations for local and statewide adventuring.


Sometimes all the wonders of the world are in your own backyard. Charlottesville local Christin Healy recently traded in her passport for her car keys and hiking poles to explore the beauty in her hometown. Christin details the best spots for paddling sessions, pre and post work sunrises and sunsets, and weekend rendezvous to the Blue Ridge Mountains.