Enjoying the Journey

If we are too caught up in planning for some desired outcome, we are not present to fully enjoy what we have been working so hard for, when an opportunity or goal is finally realized! When we allow space for ourselves to be fully present and aware, we truly appreciate all life has to offer us in each moment along our short lives.

Best of West Texas

After many Texas trips out west, including a surprise camping trip for my Mom’s 60th, I can assure you the road to Big Bend promises adventures as endlessly satiating as its miles long. So we, the Kammok team, are now inviting YOU to join us on our next trip out West - to experience the mysterious and magical deserts, mountains and waterways of Big Bend National Park.

Team Adventure Day

It isn't too often you get to go on adventures with the people you work with (involving rock climbing, costumes, and bright green wigs)...unless you work at Kammok. Yesterday, we packed our backpacks and headed out west for a day of costume-inspired adventure.

The Lungs of Texas

Tucked away in no man's land, between the Central and the Gulf Coast regions, lies the Sam Houston National Forest, or what I like to call the Lungs of Texas. Here you will find Gulf Coast weather patterns, paired with fertile soil and warm temperatures, sustaining some of the state's most densely forested lands. Tall pines reach toward the sky as an abundance of wildlife and lush vegetation crowd the forest floor. The Sam Houston National Forest is roughly the size of a small island and protected under the U.S. National Forest Service. It is the hidden gem of the Houston area and boasts ample amounts of hiking, biking, camping and fishing.

Dancing in the Desert

With the windows down and music up, we raced across what felt like the surface of another planet. We left nothing in our path but the dust we kicked up behind us. Our only destination? Forward, together. We were going nowhere in particular and had nothing keeping us back. So we drove. We watched with eyes wide as Golden Hour faded, giving way to the coming sunset. The mountains turned purple and the sky lit up in radiant hues of pink and orange… We had just survived another week of Outdoor Retailer and this is how we celebrated.

Wilderness Pt 3: the How and Why

Answering the “why” questions is tough. Why is a blurred grey in a world of black-and-white answers. There's always a deeper answer, another level to uncover when we start asking why to the people around us. 

Its this characteristic of why that makes it so incredibly important and beautiful - a characteristic I'm reminded of every time I travel into the backcountry. This isn’t to say adventure in the outdoors prompts me to I ignore the “how” questions, but rather I am able embrace the reality that the “hows” and “whys” of our lives are much more connected than we may realize.