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Wilderness Pt 3: the How and Why

Answering the “why” questions is tough. Why is a blurred grey in a world of black-and-white answers. There's always a deeper answer, another level to uncover when we start asking why to the people around us. 

Its this characteristic of why that makes it so incredibly important and beautiful - a characteristic I'm reminded of every time I travel into the backcountry. This isn’t to say adventure in the outdoors prompts me to I ignore the “how” questions, but rather I am able embrace the reality that the “hows” and “whys” of our lives are much more connected than we may realize. 

Wilderness Pt 2: Human Nature

From time to time in my life, I’ve found myself utterly smitten by the "wilderness."

It's not easy describing why I love the natural world so much. There are beautiful things out there, yes. But, there's more to it. It's a world of contradictions & extremes.

A Life Shared Is Worth Living

For us adventurers, we find power in the quietude of the outdoors. The rustling of leaves. A chirp of a chickadee. The howls of hungry coyotes under the pale moon light. These moments are what we seek—a stillness only found in the rawness of nature, beckoning us from the busyness we escape. But there are times when these things seem insignificant, lost in our own memories with no one to revisit with and reflect upon. Just as we are replenished in the solitude of our travels, so do the famed words of Christopher McCandless ring true, “Happiness only real when shared.”