All in Let's Hang

Team Adventure Day

It isn't too often you get to go on adventures with the people you work with (involving rock climbing, costumes, and bright green wigs)...unless you work at Kammok. Yesterday, we packed our backpacks and headed out west for a day of costume-inspired adventure.

Dancing in the Desert

With the windows down and music up, we raced across what felt like the surface of another planet. We left nothing in our path but the dust we kicked up behind us. Our only destination? Forward, together. We were going nowhere in particular and had nothing keeping us back. So we drove. We watched with eyes wide as Golden Hour faded, giving way to the coming sunset. The mountains turned purple and the sky lit up in radiant hues of pink and orangeā€¦ We had just survived another week of Outdoor Retailer and this is how we celebrated.

David and David

Good things come in pairs... like two Austin creatives David Heisler and David Wells. These friends, who we affectionately call D&D, recently snagged some Kammok gear for their adventures in the Wild West. Inspired by their craft and teamwork at DD Media Collective, we asked them to come hang with us. 

Texas Adventure Tour Throwback

Last October, we team up with our friends at Oru Kayak for a week-long road-trip around the Lone Star State. We piled our favorite gear and beer in a Texas-sized truck and hit the open road. Cheers to community hangs and Texas breweries that inspire spring adventures!

Alex Woodard

Alex Woodard, nationally-acclaimed singer-songwriter, creatively shares story through books and music. We sat down with Alex recently to learn about his most recent book / album project, equine therapy, and the adventure of the unknown.