Create memories with family.

Create memories with family.

Dear reader,

Grace here, Marketing + copy cat at Kammok. This holiday I’m spending time where the wifi's sporadic, the cinnamon roles have maple glaze, and there isn’t a thing on the agenda apart from spending more time in the field with my brothers, pretending I know a thing or two about pick-up football.

We all know that time spent outside together is more valuable than time on our individual screens, no ah-ha moments here. But sometimes I think we must not know, because of how few families are actually engaging with one another in this way.

To send a bit of a different message to your newsfeed today, here’s a list of 6 ways you can get outside with your family this holiday, inspired by the golden landscape of west Kansas. Pardon the photos, most snapped by Grandma.

Hang forever,
Grace + Team Kammok

6 ways to create holiday memories outside

#1 Pick Up A Game of Football


There’s nothing more American than a friendly (or incredibly competitive, if your family is like mine) game of pick up football. Pick teams, make t shirts, make up chants, use facepaint–get really into it. These are the makings of some memories you won’t forget.

IMG_6426 2.JPG

#2 Create a Scavenger Hunt

Our farmhouse in Kansas is humble and simple, but there’s a barn and a big yard and a tire swing to the left of the porch. Have your kids draw a map of the backyard while you make a list of items to locate. From a heart shaped rock to the smallest pinecone, get creative! Set the timer and see who can find the most in 20-30 minutes. Winner gets first dibs on left over dessert.


#3 Focus Campfire Stories on Old Family Tales

Screen Shot 2017-11-24 at 10.36.13 AM.png

This thanksgiving has had a strong focus on the history of our family. If there’s one thing grandparents love, it’s spilling some of the rich stories they have stored in their minds. Bonus points if you can unearth an embarrassing story about mom or dad as kids.


#4 Go for a Nature Walk at Sunset  

Wherever you are, there is nature to be found. The flower in the sidewalk crack is just as beautiful as the wheat fields at dusk. In Kansas, we’re looking for quail and white tail deer.


#5 Watercolor What You See


Any water colors will do the trick. Take the family outside and watercolor what you find, then compare and see how many different things there are to appreciate. Tape them on the wall inside to display everyone’s hard work!


#6 Plant Something to Revisit Next Holiday

No matter how old or young your family spans, it is hopeful to have something to look forward to next year. My dad and his dad planted trees on the west side of our farm property a few decades ago, and each year we get to see how they’ve grown. Everyone can be part of the planting process, getting mom to dig the hole, dad to find the seeds, brother to water and sister to refill the hole.

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