A Guide: Taco History

A Guide: Taco History

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We’re here to add more tasty topics to your saturated newsfeed this week, and what’s one thing we can all agree on? - TACOS. Vegan, vegetarian, meat-lovers, whatever your flavor - it’s about time we learned who invented Austin’s favorite food and how we can praise the taco gods again and again and again.

T-a-c-o. Who said it first?

According to the world wide web, and some very in-depth research we’ve done at the Kammok HQ, the word taco has a Spanish origin, literally meaning “plug” or “wad.” The history of this word dates back to the 18th century silver mines in Mexico, where miners used the word “taco” to refer to tiny sticks of dynamite-like explosives placed in the holes they carved in the rock face.

That’s right. Tacos as dynamite predate the food truck down the street that wrecks your stomach every once and awhile.

How did these delicious dynamite sticks become a Mexican tradition?

The taco is a fairly new tradition, compared to some of the more traditional foods dating back to Aztec times. The rise of the taqueria came from the working class demand for cheap street food. Enter women migrants opening taco shops for income.

Taco transfiguration: mexican street food to the american doritos locos

Tacos made it to the US only about a century ago by way of migrants traveling to Los Angeles, first documented in newspapers in 1905. This cart-style food remained on the streets until Glen Bell opened his first Taco Bell in 1962. Only 5 years later Taco Bell opened its 100th restaurant. Can you say holy guacamole.

2017: Hipsters gone taco-wild

Today, hipsters, granny’s, and hungry tummies all over the world come together to celebrate for the love of the taco. We’ve gone crazy for these tortilla wrapped meals, creating Taco Tuesdays, taco diets, and all kinds of excuses just to sit around a table with other people who share in the taco-love and feast like there’s no tomorrow.

Kammok in love with the ta-co, get it for the low low

Needless to say, tacos are a big part of our culture here at Kammok. Every friday morning, we gather round the table for team breakfast tacos and hearty conversation. You can often find us in our backyard eating at our team’s favorite spot, conveniently located behind our HQ, Granny’s Tacos.

Live in Austin and need a taco recommendation? Check out our best kept secret.


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