NEW: Thylacine wins Gear of the Year!

NEW: Thylacine wins Gear of the Year!

This just in, the Thylacine wins Outside Magazine's top sleeping bag of 2017! Our team has been iterating this product for years, and we are thrilled to be recognized for designing a sleeping bag that is not only innovative, but highly functional in any environment. Read below or shop the Thylacine now. 

What makes this bag first class?

All climate bag.

With an optional liner for additional warmth, you’ll be set all year round.

Custom fit.

Three cinch cords bring the bag close to your core, keeping you warmer through the night. No more cold spots.

Downtek water resistant insulation.

Stays dry, and is washable, and lightweight

Pillow pocket.

Stash your jacket, pillow, a rabbit...anything goes.

Secret zipper stash.

Never lose your phone, headlight, or bedtime snack again.

Versatile sizing.

From big to small, the Thylacine has room for everyone.

What people are saying.

"I can't think of a more versatile sleeping bag system than the Thylacine. For people like me who camp in a range of temperatures, situations and seasons, this bag makes life simple, easy and less expensive. The ability to customize the warmth of the bag by adding and taking away liners is not only innovative, it's highly functional." - Ryan Stuart, Contributor for Outside

"This sleeping bag beats the snot out of all the other sleeping bags I have ever used. Most people go "It is a sleeping bag, what difference can it make" but it's the little things this bag has and does that brings it to the top. First off, there is the variable warmth which I love. The base bag and the liner together pack down to the size of a normal, synthetic bag. With just the base bag you can go as small as most other down bags if not smaller." - Cliff

Any questions about the Thylacine or our other gear? Our gear heads are ready to talk. Email us at and we'll get back to you in a jiffy. 

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